Positivity & Negativity

I’m all about being positive, having positive thoughts, viewing things in a positive light but i also hang out with negativity. I don’t shun away negativity AT ALL. Why??? This world is not all positive so why would i shun negativity out of my lyfe fully?

How i see it is as long as negativity is in my lyfe, i know that i can handle any negativity when it arises, where as if i fully cut it out of my lyfe, then how in the world would i learn how to handle it if it came a knocking at my door?? Get me??

The way you handle negativity (imo) shows how positive your lyfe is, how much positivity you actually have around you. Not in the way of who you hang around etc, i mean you as a person.  There’s a saying or quote whatever you wanna call it, “smile and wave” which i lorrrveeee and do all the time, especially to those who are just full of negativity. What’s the point in it? everyone is different but for me it just shines positivity.

Now you may actually be really pissed off at the person, wanna hurt them in ways only you could imagine but what good does that do to you? How does that make you feel better about your lyfe? You feeling that way about a person makes them win pretty much, it’s like a game to them. Now that’s when a simple move like “smiling & waving” but not literally, more in your head, but if you really wanted to then actually waving to them puts the icing on the top, makes it like you’ve won that game. To see that what they’ve done or said hasn’t effected you in a negative way will cause them more anger towards you. Which is something YOU don’t have to deal with, that’s their own choice to do so.

“Flip the script” Switching a negative situation to a positive situation. That simple!! Changing your mind set to a more positive state actually really does help.

I could go on for days about this subject but i’ll leave it for another time. I’d like to see how others deal with negativity and those who are always positive do you give negativity a thought?? Why do people let negativity win?? Why is being positive so hard for some??

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