Own it. Owning Up.

Own it. Owning Up.

Me personally i think those who can’t own up to their wrong doings are just real disconnected humans. Perfection is probably their favorite description of themselves? To be able to simply say “yes i was wrong” or “i did it” has such a negative feeling when the head space isn’t in a positive state. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to admit the wrongs?

Being able to own your wrong doings can lift a huge weight off the shoulders. What has happened happened, really nothing you can do about that besides trying to make a positive difference to the situation. If it’s in the past owning up to something would be that lil extra hard but it would benefit oneself being to be able to put it away and let it be in the past.

To “own up” to something that you know deep down inside you DID NOT do but you owned it to make peace puts a MASSIVE strain on oneself being. Weather one did it out of guilt or just simply to make peace i think is so wrong. There are other ways to deal with those types of situations but i think because one thinks there are none they choose this and in the long run they become upset from it.

“You can learn a lot from your mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them”

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