Ok we all do it NO ONE is perfect well except a new born baby 🙂

Mistakes are apart of lyfe, there are the small ones but then there are the HUGE ones, but how can a mistake benefit ones lyfe??? Pretty simple! It’s the lesson that one learns from the mistake that was made. Now it depends exactly what lesson you learned from the mistake which shows if you moved in a better direction or not.

IMO i do believe that it’s awesome to face mistakes because that way you are learning the lesson BUT i do appreciate a “heads up” that way i can figure out moves beforehand and the struggle isn’t so harsh in the after effects, that way when i do make the mistake im not affected as hard as i would if i didn’t know anything. I think a big part of that reason for me is being able to “prepare” myself, although somethings you can’t always prepare but if it makes the weight a lil less on the shoulders im keen for that.

Making mistakes is NOT bad at all! I think the “bad” part from making mistakes is going down the same path and redoing the same “mistake”.

Have an awesome dae 🙂

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