Mind set

Mind set

It all starts here….

You can change something in your lyfe just by changing 1 yes just 1 thought in your head. Sound stupid?? try it. Changing the way you think about a particular thing makes it that much easier to cope with.

Not quite with me?? Yup i can be confusing as fuck sometimes but that’s what makes me unique 🙂

Lets say you have a hater, instead of thinking why does this person hate me so much? What did i do to this person?? blah blah blah instead try changing the thought to, I MUST have special qualities why this person hates me lol, They must be very lonely and bored to have such a desire to reflect on my life. Are you with me now???? doesn’t have to be those exact words but hopefully you get my point, that if you change your thoughts about the hater to a positive statement it doesn’t feel as draining as when your thinking about the negative statement. Don’t believe me?? Give it a try, what have you got to lose??


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