Forgive, Forgiving, Forgiveness.

Forgive, Forgiving, Forgiveness.

Ok when i think of these words i think of something to do with church. I myself am not a church goer, been there done that it’s NOT for me!

It takes a fuck tonne of heart to forgive anyone, especially when the damage was MASSIVE. The result of not being able to forgive the person/s for whatever damage they did, causes MASSIVE negative affects on oneself. Why is that?? Why even after they have damaged you do they still get to damage you more??

Unless we live in the world of Matrix or MIB or have a special ability to erase things forever, one can never truly forget what has happened, although we can block out those memories and “forget” that they exist. How can we deal with it differently??

“Forgive & Forget” pretty much means to me. I can “forgive” what has happened not necessarily the person/s that has done the damage but the situation that i was put in or was done to me (whatever the purpose for forgiveness) that i can forgive. I forgive as a way of releasing (whatever the purpose for forgiveness) so it no longer harbors my lyfe, it no longer holds me hostage. So that if i am ever in a situation where it’s spoken about or mentioned i don’t break down and cry, instead i can hold my head high and still be strong within myself.  So in a sense i don’t “forget” altogether what has happened but i do forget lol… In the way of putting it to the very very very wayyyyyy back part of the storage shed up in the brain, where it’s the last thought i think about because that’s how far away it is.

The fact that you can never forget what has happened is ok! but what has happened happened, there’s no way to go back and take it back or redo it and not be there at that point and time, you can’t actually erase it (mind wise you can but stay with me). It’s how you build yourself up after “forgetting” about it, where it shows how strong you can be! The fact that you are able to “carry on” with this MASSIVE burden on your shoulders shows how strong you are.

Once you have forgiven the situation and forgotten about it and can still stand strong if it’s mentioned (not only your situation but the same situation in general) you would feel more at peace than you would if you were to keep holding on to what has happened. There is always the route of “getting them done” for whatever it is they have done that’s ok as well, but at the end of it you’ll still have the feeling that it’s still stuck there with you.


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