In my world (little one at that) i consider behaviors to be a choice SOMETIMES, not every moment of lyfe would be a choice, sometimes it’s inherited or comes with the “disease” to a point where it actually cannot be helped. Most other times its all based on the choice a person has made.

Huh?? Wtf you on about??  remember i said unique hahahaha.

Here’s the examples again… A human with ADHD could have totally different behaviors than a person without ADHD. The one with ADHD has a different brain function to the one who doesn’t therefore the behaviors shown from one who has ADHD is because of the “disease” where as if the one without ADHD showed the same behaviors would be considered a choice.

Another one?? Growing up as a child who’s parent/s are Lkaholics. Now if the child becomes an Lkaholic is that inherited??? ORRRR is that a choice??? Back to my world, i do believe it’s a choice!!

Choices are made to challenge you, maybe even to create you. At the end of the day only YOU make those choices. Your good or bad choices can always be placed on someone else maybe it’s to make it easier for yourself to deal with or maybe you just didn’t know if it was right or wrong?? Either way there’s a lesson in each choice you make. You can either learn from them and move onward or dwell in it and move nowhere.

You can’t change what has happened, you can never go back and do it differently, pretty much what’s done is done. However you can amend things or change an outcome of what’s happened by making new choices and going about it a different way.

How do choices benefit ones lyfe?? How do you define if it’s a choice or something else??



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