Choices #2

Choices #2

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As children choosing the right thing to do and not to do is suppose to be taught by our parents, caregivers, whom ever is taking care of us. I believe sometimes a child can’t always get it right, but why?? well obviously they haven’t been exposed to a whole range of things (sometimes) so they don’t really know what options are out there, or to know which is considered good or bad. They obviously learn along the way which choices they made was considered “good” or “bad” by the reactions of those around them.

As we get older (teens) choices become more of a “your own choice” in the meanwhile parents, caregivers, whom ever is taking care of the teen also try to teach them along the way. As hard as it is for you to want them to do something YOUR way, because well lets face it in your eyes it is the RIGHT way right??? I think it’s more comforting that you allow them to “learn the lesson” in whatever way that may be, you know as long as there are no safety hazards etc. That’s what makes them grow and become stronger within themselves. The pressures that are put on children aren’t really needed, i mean i do myself strive for my kids to do well in school but i also understand that school isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean that there’s no other way to educate my child, there are alternatives and as long as the child is doing great then there’s no reason to put more pressure on them. That there is the parents, caregivers, whom ever is looking after the child choice to make education number 1, which is ok in my eyes just not with the pressure added.

I don’t think there’s only 2 choices in every situation, although sometimes it seems that way. For me i think that when it seems like there’s no other choices its because you haven’t experienced much to see the other choices. That’s why talking with someone else or reading about someone else’s issue (that your going through) shines a light on another choice. Which may or may not work but if you’ve tried all your own choices what harm is trying what someone else did??

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