Changing your mindset

Changing your mindset

Ok so i’ve touched on mindset (bottom of this is link) but want to talk on it and probably will keep talking about it just that lil bit more.

Why change my mindset?? What would it actually do?? Is it hard or is it easy?? How does it impact my lyfe? some of the question i had to ask myself, once i figured out that changing my mindset would make lyfe that tad bit easier to live. I’ve read many of stories and watched many of videos on how changing your mindset can change your lyfe, and yup i was one of those ones that were saying “yeah ok whatever” that’s too simple, that definitely won’t work! I MUST say it isn’t easy, at the start. Once you got it down then you end up saying to yourself (as i did) why didn’t i start changing this ages ago?

If you start with the simple changes instead of reaching for the top and trying to change everything in 1 go, that’s where it becomes easy. I found once i figured it out, that if i can make the small changes happen then giving a big change a go was easy. Logic right?? but in all honesty i did try to change bigger things not long after i changed a couple small things but it didn’t work out too well. It’s almost lyke riding a bike yano, the more you ride the better you get, the more confidence you gain and then you are onto a bmx and doing tricks 🙂 Well changing your mindset is pretty much the same. Not only does it change the way you think about things, but it also helps you grow as a person (that’s where the tricks come into play) LoL

It’s NOT easy but it’s NOT hard. If you start small and work your way up and keep at it, then eventually you’ll see progress and be more at peace with yourself!

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