New Start

Ok so i’ve decided that im making a new start. At first i contemplated deleting all the posts and just starting again, actually im still thinking about it while i am typing lmao, but i think i won’t. My posts i’ve already posted are things i do, think, say, surround myself with etc. So they … Read moreNew Start


Having friendships, being a friend, finding friends is it really a NEED to have friends???? Fast answer for me is a BIG phat nope!!! I mean hey it’s nice to have friends especially those loyal ones, but what greater purpose do they really serve to ones self being??? No i’m not lonely πŸ™‚ and yes … Read moreFriends.

Website is back

Yay we’re back Ok so im no Guru im still learning how these things all work but i made some small adjustments for now πŸ™‚ and the website is back online. Have an awesome weekend and we will see ya back on the website on Monday πŸ™‚


Ok we all do it NO ONE is perfect well except a new born baby πŸ™‚ Mistakes are apart of lyfe, there are the small ones but then there are the HUGE ones, but how can a mistake benefit ones lyfe??? Pretty simple! It’s the lesson that one learns from the mistake that was made. … Read moreMistakes.

Choices #2

(Link below this post for previous post on choices) As children choosing the right thing to do and not to do is suppose to be taught by our parents, caregivers, whom ever is taking care of us. I believe sometimes a child can’t always get it right, but why?? well obviously they haven’t been exposed … Read moreChoices #2

Prove Yourself.

For me i think that when people hear the words “Prove yourself” their meaning to that isΒ  they have to prove to someone else whatever it is they have to prove. So an example of that meaning is, if your mother would say prove yourself that you can be trusted, you would obviously do what … Read moreProve Yourself.


In my world (little one at that) i consider behaviors to be a choice SOMETIMES, not every moment of lyfe would be a choice, sometimes it’s inherited or comes with the “disease” to a point where it actually cannot be helped. Most other times its all based on the choice a person has made. Huh?? … Read moreChoices

Mind set

It all starts here…. You can change something in your lyfe just by changing 1 yes just 1 thought in your head. Sound stupid?? try it. Changing the way you think about a particular thing makes it that much easier to cope with. Not quite with me?? Yup i can be confusing as fuck sometimes … Read moreMind set